In the rapidly expanding galaxy of social media, LinkedIn shines brightly as the definitive networking constellation for professionals worldwide. Boasting over 900 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn’s mission is to weave a network that makes the world’s professionals more productive and prosperous. This prompts an interesting inquiry – are there notable leaders/ influencers for procurement on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn serves as a rich repository for professionals to connect, network, and swap revolutionary ideas that could reshape the global procurement scene. Given that LinkedIn is buzzing with the creation of millions of articles, posts, and videos daily, it’s not surprising that this platform holds a lofty position among business professionals.

Over time, LinkedIn has evolved into an indispensable tool for networking, marketing over and above its recruitment-centric role. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook serve primarily as personal news feeds rather than professional job portals, despite persistent efforts from businesses and industries.

LinkedIn doubles up as a one-stop-shop that allows users to follow companies, stay informed about job vacancies, and present a public profile that recruiters can browse. More often than not, a LinkedIn profile prominently features in the search results when one looks up a job seeker’s name.

In essence, LinkedIn provides a convenient conduit for individuals and organizations to connect, fostering a culture steeped in sharing insights and promoting collective growth. Within this ecosystem, certain individuals and groups have distinguished themselves as reliable sources of expert advice on procurement-related topics. These esteemed individuals are collectively known as “LinkedIn leaders and influencers,” or more specifically in our context, “Procurement leaders & Influencers.” There are a few recruitment companies in middle East that specialize in Supply chain and procurement hiring specialized professionals.

So, what's the role of "Procurement leaders," and how does it benefit you?

On LinkedIn, Procurement Leaders predominantly comprise innovators, leaders, and thought leaders who ignite discussions about global business by sharing their expertise. Simply put, procurement leaders equip other professionals with an enhanced understanding of current trends impacting global markets.

As an active participant in this complex industry, you’re likely to rely on expert opinions when making crucial decisions. Whether you’re pondering over an innovative procurement strategy or seeking assistance in boosting visibility for yourself or your products, these virtuosos are your go-to resource in the business social sphere.

But how do you ascertain which Procurement leader and influencer to follow?

If you are part of a team eager to explore and execute ideas rooted in current market trends or new on LinkedIn, you need to zero in on pivotal leaders to reap maximum benefits. The leaders we endorse fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They are steadfast in creating original, knowledge-laden content that augments the capabilities of the procurement community.
  1. Over the years, they have consistently contributed to the procurement community through writings, speaking engagements, or training sessions.

Unveiling the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers Worth Your Attention So, who makes it to this coveted list?

Here are some criteria to help identify well known procurement leaders and influencers:

  1. Consistent Contribution: Consistently sharing insights, knowledge, and thought leadership about procurement. Their regular participation in discussions, webinars, and conferences, and their consistent publishing of articles, blogs, and reports, demonstrate a deep commitment to the procurement community.
  2. Relevance and Quality of Content: Pertinent to the current procurement trends, challenges, and opportunities. Furthermore, the quality of content should be top-notch, offering actionable insights, comprehensive analysis, and practical solutions to the procurement community.
  3. Engagement with the Community: Actively engaging with the procurement community on LinkedIn, frequently responding to comments on their posts, participate in discussions, and contribute to other influencers’ posts. This level of engagement showcases their dedication to nurturing a vibrant procurement community.
  4. Professional Experience and Expertise: Possess significant professional experience and expertise in procurement and having proven track record of success in procurement roles, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge and insights in real-world situations.
  5. Innovation and Thought Leadership: Manifesting innovation and thought leadership in procurement. They should be at the forefront of new trends, technologies, and strategies in procurement, challenging the norms of traditional procurement practices.
  6. Credibility and Reputation: Possesses a strong reputation and credibility within the procurement community being recognized by their peers as a leading authority in procurement, with their insights and opinions widely respected and valued.
  7. Training and Education: Contributed to the training and education of the procurement community with regularly sharing of educational content, provide training sessions, or participate in educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of procurement professionals.

So, who makes the cut for the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers?

Here’s a curated list  that you might find insightful.

Why should you follow Sam Achampong?


Sam Achampong is a Regional Head of CIPS Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and the General Manager of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) for the MENA region. He believes that procurement is one of the most important functions of any organization, but it is often overlooked. Sam has extensive experience in Senior Procurement and Strategic Sourcing roles for various organizations. He is passionate about the value and future of procurement and is a regular speaker at industry events immensely contributing to upskilling. Sam invites anyone interested in learning more about procurement, industry standards, and CIPS to connect with him. A person not to be missed for sure. Truly leading by example. Thanks to his valuable contributions.

Why should you follow Fatima Balfaqeeh?


Fatima Balfaqeeh is an experienced UAE qualified lawyer, independent arbitrator, mediator, and business consultant with over two decades of experience. She has worked in government and semi-government entities in Abu Dhabi, leading the contracts and procurement function. She has a wealth of experience in commercial, legal, and operational matters in various sectors, including construction, contracts and procurement governance enforcement, project-related finance, payables, and banking credit facilities for corporate clients. Fatima is a Certified Independent Arbitrator and a Certified Commercial Mediator. She is a Chartered Arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), a Member in RICS as a chartered Facilities Management Surveyor, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain (CIPS). Fatima is an advocate for Green Arbitration and has signed the UN Global Compact. She directs her Law Firm towards all aspects of sustainability. Fatima is known for building a strong and trustworthy relationship with her clients.

Why should you follow Faiq Ali Khan ?


A highly accomplished management consultant with nearly 2 decades of experience in corporate procurement consulting across various industries. Faiq is the Vice Chair of the CIPS Dubai Branch, Consulting director at Chartered Buying and Author of the book ‘Art of Buying’. Faiq’s areas of expertise include procurement consulting, supplier management, eCommerce and Innovation, supply chain recruitment and trainings, LinkedIn growth, and LinkedIn for creators. He has worked in several reputable companies in varied industries. He is MCIPS, certified Six Sigma Black Belt, holds an MBA in Procurement, Masters in healthcare management, Diploma in banking and financial services, and is currently pursuing a doctorate program. Faiq has volunteered with Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) and is highly recommended for his procurement expertise, dedication, attention to detail, and determination to make a contribution to bridging a gender gap in Supply Chain.

Why should you follow Eisa Ahmed Binhayi ?


Eisa Ahmed Binhayi Al Shamsi is the Director of Procurement and Supply Chain at the University of Sharjah. He is a multifaceted procurement management professional with over 18 years of experience in the aviation, and tourism industries. He holds a High National Diploma in GSE Aircraft Engineering, a Bachelor of Science, and a Master’s in Management. He is also a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Eisa has headed the Procurement and Contracts division since 2012, working on projects worth 1 billion annually. He has achieved significant savings worth 8% through value engineering, negotiations, and added value. Eisa was requested to take leadership of the Procurement Development division to represent DCT, be a member of the Steering committee, and act as a change agent for Abu Dhabi Government’s main projects. He was awarded the Executive Diploma in Procurement and Supply, making him the first and only UAE National to hold this degree. Eisa is considered one of the influencers in DCT according to McKinsey and has been requested to support as a change leader in the Organizational Health Index Program by the entity’s leadership.

Why you should follow Sara Omer ?


An accomplished SaaS solutions sales leader, with an outstanding record of providing solutions and delivering eProcurement solutions for public sector, financial services, and property development entities throughout the Middle East and Africa region. A collaborative communicator, she is continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units to drive positive change, cohesive, comprehensive business approaches and enhanced profitability. A seasoned senior Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) in the MENA region, and an elected Non-Executive Board member of CIPS, with 20+ years of full-time experience in Procurement, Procurement Technology, SaaS, and expansion of new markets.

Why should you follow Imran Shareef?


Imran Shareef is the Head of Procurement for Motorola Solutions in the Middle East, Central Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. He has extensive experience in business enablement, with a focus on streamlining operations, driving growth, and creating value for stakeholders. Imran has revamped procurement as a value-added partner to the business through tight connections with stakeholders, risk mitigation, increased project margins by 10%, and cost savings of 13% from pre-sales to revenue recognition. He has also restructured $500 million in USD spent with a select group of proven high-quality suppliers and strategic partners, resulting in long-term benefits and enriching business continuity planning (BCP). Imran is also a data privacy champion for the Middle East region. 

Why should you follow Sulaiman Abdulla MCIPS ?


Sulaiman Abdulla MCIPS is the Director of Administrative Affairs at the Federal Tax Authority in Dubai, UAE. He is a procurement professional with more than a decade of experience in various industries, including telecommunications, IT services, social services, and property management. Sulaiman is a recognized innovator and holds several certifications, including Six Sigma Black Belt, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and certifications in leadership and management. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and has been recognized with several awards for his work in procurement, including the CIPS Middle East Supply Management Award for Best Response to Supplier Collaboration in COVID-19. Sulaiman believes that procurement professionals should be agents of change and adapt best practices to raise procurement for strategic mindset, partnership, agility, and value generation. Truly a an amazing contributor and advisor. A must follow.

Why should you follow Joonas Jantunen?


Joonas Jantunen is a procurement consultant based in Dubai, with over 20 years of experience in global and regional indirect procurement functions. He has expertise in managing small to large procurement projects, creating category structures, and managing indirect spend categories. Joonas has a strong sales and business development background from Source-2-Settle solutions and has delivered procurement consulting, advisory, outsourcing, and spend projects across industries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He is the CEO and founder of CollectiveSpend Technology, a B2B Tail Spend Marketplace that provides organizations fast access to tail spend suppliers across categories and industries in the Middle East and Africa region.

Why should you follow Wael Safwat ?


A very senior leader in procurement and supply having over 25 years of global experience. Wael has expertise in digital procurement transformation, value creation, cost savings, risk management, compliance, supplier relationship management, category management, strategic sourcing, advanced analytics, and strategy development. He has managed various categories across industries such as oil and gas, real estate, retail, leisure and entertainment, hospitality, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and IT. Wael is currently the Middle East Lead for Shared Services Procurement and Sustainable Value Chains at Accenture. He has received various awards for his work in procurement and is a Fellow of various organizations in the UK. Wael is also a consultant, lecturer, board member, and keynote speaker at international conferences and industry forums. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and Italian. Surely a person who shares latest trends. A must to follow on the list.

Why should you follow Willean Master?


A Senior Procurement & Supply professional based in Dubai, UAE With experience across multiple industries, Willean is skilled in supply chain development and management, procurement strategy initiatives, contract negotiation and management, stakeholder relationship management, and team leadership. She is currently working as a Supply Chain Director at Electra. Willean holds a reputable designation of being an FCIPS Chartered, Procurement & Supply from CIPS – The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. Willean also won CIPS Procurement Leader award in 2019.

Why should you follow Hariharan Laxminarayan ?


Hariharan Laxminarayan, also known as Hari, is a procurement and supply chain professional with over 30 years of experience in various industries. He is currently the Head of Professional Development for the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) in the MENA region, where he provides mentoring and career guidance for professionals. Hari previously worked for Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) for over 11 years as an Associate Manager of Procurement, where he was accountable for direct and indirect operations procurement for three manufacturing plants with a $250M annual spend. His responsibilities include optimizing the procure-to-pay cycle time, reducing procurement costs, conducting market research, and managing supplier performance. A true heartthrob of Procurement and Supply Chain fraternity, who is very accessible to support every single individual seeking guidance in the field.

Why should you follow Sofiya Poland?


The Head of Group Procurement at Al Masaood LLC in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Sofiya is an experienced procurement and supply chain leader with a proven track record of developing innovative and transformative strategies that add significant commercial and sustainable values. Sofiya is results-oriented and has exceptional leadership and change management skills, contributing strategically and tactically at a senior level. She holds a Master of Science in Transport Engineering from Azov State Technical University in Ukraine and is fluent in English and French. Her skills include contract review, procurement, and supply chain management.

Why should you follow Dr. Arafat El Mourad?


The more we write about him, the lesser it is. Dr. Arafat El Mourad is the CEO of Innovation in Procurement Consultancy Services (IPCS), providing innovative procurement solutions to various industries. He has extensive experience in procurement, having served as a University Lecturer at Nobel International Business School (NiBS), VP – Mubadala Group and a Vice President – Head of Strategic Sourcing at Emirates NBD. In addition, the Senior Manager and Acting Head of Procurement and Contracts at Al Hilal Bank has contributed to annual operating budgets, transformed the organization from a local to a global enterprise, and created and sourced additional items through vendors. Both Dr. Arafat El Mourad and the Senior Manager at Al Hilal Bank are experienced procurement professionals who have made significant contributions to their respective organizations through innovative solutions, cost-cutting measures, and strategic sourcing processes. Dr. El Mourad holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree in Business Administration and Management from SBS Swiss Business School, as well as a Master of Applied Business Research in International Business from the same institution.

Why should you follow Bala ?


A Procurement Manager at Hira Industries in the UAE, Bala is MCIPS chartered, with over a decade of experience, she  has expertise in managing multi million dollar projects related to packaging and petroleum products for RAK Manufacturing Business and Al Hamra Construction Group. She  is skilled in e-auctions, packaging development, activity-based costing, leadership and people management, negotiation, supply chain engineering, optimization, product innovation, strategic planning, cost-saving opportunities, vendor evaluation, inventory management, international business management, performance benchmarking, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. Bala holds an MBA degree from AMITY University, SIX Sigma Black Belt, CISCP, and CISCM. She is also passionate about mentoring and training procurement and supply chain professionals and students. A person that many look upto due to her unwavering commitment to procurement excellence, bringing everyone together for networking.

Why should you follow Emmanuel Augustin?


As a highly accomplished Procurement and Supply Chain Executive with over 18 years of expertise in procurement, sourcing, and supply chain management, Emmanuel has excelled at optimizing end-to-end supply chain operations, driving year-over-year procurement savings, and enhancing working capital deployment for large matrixed companies. A sought-after keynote speaker at major Procurement & Supply Chain professional conferences and seminars, bringing industry-leading insights and yet a very humble person to connect. Truly a lot to learn from his experience.

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