Procurement leaders in MENA to follow on LinkedIn

In the rapidly expanding galaxy of social media, LinkedIn shines brightly as the definitive networking constellation for professionals worldwide. Boasting over 900 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn’s mission is to weave a network that makes the world’s professionals more productive and prosperous. This prompts an interesting inquiry – are there notable leaders/influencers for procurement on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn serves as a rich repository for professionals to connect, network, and swap revolutionary ideas that could reshape the global procurement scene. Given that LinkedIn is buzzing with the creation of millions of articles, posts, and videos daily, it’s not surprising that this platform holds a lofty position among business professionals.

Over time, LinkedIn has evolved into an indispensable tool for networking, marketing over and above its recruitment-centric role. There are some other platforms that serve primarily as personal news feeds rather than professional job portals, despite persistent efforts from businesses and industries. It is also important to reflect these leaders who constant share best procurement and supply chain jobs while also strive towards getting and placing best resources.

LinkedIn doubles up as a one-stop-shop that allows users to follow companies, stay informed about job vacancies, and present a public profile that recruiters can browse. More often than not, a LinkedIn profile prominently features in the search results when one looks up a job seeker’s name.

In essence, LinkedIn provides a convenient conduit for individuals and organizations to connect, fostering a culture steeped in sharing insights and promoting collective growth. Within this ecosystem, certain individuals and groups have distinguished themselves as reliable sources of expert advice on procurement-related topics. These esteemed individuals are collectively known as “LinkedIn leaders and influencers,” or more specifically in our context, “Procurement leaders & Influencers.” There are a few recruitment companies in middle East that specialize in Supply chain and procurement hiring specialized professionals.

So, what's the role of "Procurement leaders," and how does it benefit you?

On LinkedIn, Procurement Leaders predominantly comprise innovators, leaders, and thought leaders who ignite discussions about global business by sharing their expertise. Simply put, procurement leaders equip other professionals with an enhanced understanding of current trends impacting global markets.

As an active participant in this complex industry, you’re likely to rely on expert opinions when making crucial decisions. Whether you’re pondering over an innovative procurement strategy or seeking assistance in boosting visibility for yourself or your products, these virtuosos are your go-to resource in the business social sphere.

But how do you ascertain which Procurement leader and influencer to follow?

If you are part of a team eager to explore and execute ideas rooted in current market trends or new on LinkedIn, you need to zero in on pivotal leaders to reap maximum benefits. The leaders we endorse fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They are steadfast in creating original, knowledge-laden content that augments the capabilities of the procurement community.
  2. Over the years, they have consistently contributed to the procurement community through writings, speaking engagements, or training sessions.

Unveiling the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers worth Your Attention So, who makes it to this coveted list?

Here are some criteria to help identify well known procurement leaders and influencers:

  1. Consistent Contribution: Consistently sharing insights, knowledge, and thought leadership about procurement. Their regular participation in discussions, webinars, and conferences, and their consistent publishing of articles, blogs, and reports, demonstrate a deep commitment to the procurement community.
  2. Relevance and Quality of Content: Pertinent to the current procurement trends, challenges, and opportunities. Furthermore, the quality of content should be top-notch, offering actionable insights, comprehensive analysis, and practical solutions to the procurement community.
  3. Engagement with the Community: Actively engaging with the procurement community on LinkedIn, frequently responding to comments on their posts, participate in discussions, and contribute to other influencers’ posts. This level of engagement showcases their dedication to nurturing a vibrant procurement community.
  4. Professional Experience and Expertise: Possess significant professional experience and expertise in procurement and having proven track record of success in procurement roles, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge and insights in real-world situations.
  5. Innovation and Thought Leadership: Manifesting innovation and thought leadership in procurement. They should be at the forefront of new trends, technologies, and strategies in procurement, challenging the norms of traditional procurement practices.
  6. Credibility and Reputation: Possesses a strong reputation and credibility within the procurement community being recognized by their peers as a leading authority in procurement, with their insights and opinions widely respected and valued.
  7. Training and Education: Contributed to the training and education of the procurement community with regularly sharing of educational content, provide training sessions, or participate in educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of procurement professionals.

So, who makes the cut for the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers?

Here’s a curated list for our August-2023 Series that you might find insightful.

Why should you follow Simran Soni?

Experienced Project Consultant with a demonstrated history of working Academic, Real Estate, Traveling & Tourism, and Banking Sector.

Skilled in Management, Team Leadership, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Strategy. An outstanding professional who has made a significant impact in the field of procurement and supply chain training and development. I have had the privilege of witnessing her exceptional abilities firsthand. Simran’s dedication to supporting individuals in procurement and supply chain training is truly commendable. Her passion for empowering others and sharing her knowledge is evident in the significant contributions she has made to a large audience.

Why should you follow Hani Al Saigh FCIPS?

Hani has always loved developing relationships and generating value. He has always highlighted that Procurement offers the opportunity to harness strengths to create wonderful partnerships and promote innovation. He took it as his mission to promote the true value of Procurement in Saudi Arabia and the region and help raise its maturity. He believed Procurement is well placed for Saudi Vision 2030 through digitalization, sustainability, and the development of local content in the Kingdom.

He redefined Procurement and adopt world-class procedures at the leading brand in the Middle East, establishing networks of procurement leaders in the region and sharing his expertise with them. He managed technology partners and source between 10 and 15 billion SAR annually, with 90% of spend under management, producing incredible savings, and have received five global awards. One of his transformations has become a benchmark case study for Saudi Arabia’s procurement. 

Why should you follow Suhail Ahmed?

Suhail Ahmed Siddiqui is a seasoned professional in supply chain management and procurement with over two decades of experience in various industries. He has worked for companies such as Juma Al Majid Holding Group and YahClick, managing end-to-end supply chain, procurement, and logistics for businesses involved in internet services and satellite technology across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Suhail has successfully delivered projects worth millions of dollars while achieving cost reductions and automating internal processes.

He is an expert in designing supply chain programs for strategic sourcing, supplier evaluation, selection, contract management & execution. Suhail’s education includes a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and a PGDBM in Operations and IT from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. He has also volunteered as a Country Manager for Trading Partners in India during the early days of B2B e-commerce.

Why should you follow Melissa?

A well-seasoned Strategic Business Leader and Program Manager, with a wealth of experience providing strategic guidance and support as an in-house Management Consultant and has an extensive technical background in integration and transformation change. She is currently leading the CIPS Abu Dhabi branch making valuable contribution in building a strong ecosystem.

Why should you follow Muddassir?

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is a prominent global supply chain influencer and management expert based in Dubai, UAE. Dr. Ahmed has 15 years of experience leading manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and technology management initiatives in multinational companies and diversified international corporations. He is recognized for his consistent success in developing processes, people, and procedures to streamline corporate operations, implement digital strategy, and enhance profit performance.

Dr. Ahmed has volunteered in various capacities, including learning video production and editing on LinkedIn, becoming a Level 1 Cricket Coach with the England and Wales Cricket Board Limited, and earning a Six Sigma Black Belt with Volvo Cars. Overall, Dr. Ahmed’s experience and education demonstrate a strong focus on improving processes and driving innovation in the supply chain industry.

Why should you follow Bachar?

Bachar Naamani is a Cofounder, Fortunate Husband & Father, Procurement Leader, Win-Win Negotiator, and Natural Bodybuilder from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With over 15 years of experience in the FMCG, Retail, and Technology industries, his professional focus has been on digital transformation, customer (stakeholder) satisfaction, win-win negotiations, strategic supplier development, supply base consolidation, global procurement collaboration, strategic sourcing, savings and overall value.

He has expertise in Global Procurement, Digital Transformation, Customer Satisfaction, Procurement Strategy, Procurement Policy, General Procurement, Indirect Procurement, Direct Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, Effective Negotiations, Supplier Development, Supplier Relationship Management, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Supplier Evaluation and Savings/Value. He has held positions at Lenovo as Head of Procurement – META (Overall), EMEA (Events), & WW (Event Collaboration), Regional Procurement Manager – MEA at Ace Hardware Corporation and Regional Sourcing Manager – MENA at The Kraft Heinz Company.

Why should you follow Natasha?

Profile Link:

Natasha Schulz is the Head of Procurement at TPG/Evercare Group, a healthcare company that operates in emerging markets with a portfolio of 30 hospitals, 16 clinics, and 82 diagnostic centers. She is an educated and experienced procurement and business management professional with a diploma in computer studies, a diploma in business management with a major in operations management and cost accounting, and an advanced procurement and supply chain practitioner certification from CIPS – The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. She is analytical, accurate, deadline-driven, and able to prioritize workloads. Schulz has the ability to identify and implement concepts to increase profits and/or reduce loss.

Why should you follow Dr. Raman?

Dr. Raman I Nathani is one of the eminent and pragmatic Procurement Leaders with 20 years’ experience in GCC, global speaker, Author and international award winner. He has worked in aviation, manufacturing, entertainment, construction, and healthcare industries within private and public sectors both. He is currently serving procurement society as a Chairman of CIPS Dubai branch and holding multiple qualification including Professional Doctorate in Supply chain & leadership, MSc in Strategic Sourcing, MCIPS, CMILT, CPP, CPPM, CISCP & CISCM

His professional work has greatly contributed to the development of the country with innumerable iconic projects including Abu Dhabi Airport & Yas Island and various projects with the revolutionary changes in procurement transformation, team variegation and digitalization and elevated core procurement function through customer -centric approach by improving client value, his hard work and efforts were rewarded multiple times as he received over 21 awards in last 10 years including CPO of the year, Outstanding leadership and best value chain award.

Why should you follow Tamer Fawzy?

Experienced and highly skilled Procurement Professional with over 16 years of comprehensive experience in controlling all facets of procurement and vendor management across IT, Telecom, Marketing, and Event Management industries. Repeated success in evaluating and analyzing strategic sourcing requirements, providing effective procurement guidance, as well as developing and improving suppliers’ network with very high attention to details. Skilled in identifying cost-saving potentials by designing new methods that maximize efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

Why should you follow Zoe Brooks?

Zoe Brooks MCIPS is a highly experienced and versatile procurement professional with a proven track record of success. She has held various roles in the procurement field, most recently as Director of Procurement for Atlantis Resorts, where she leads a team of 38 responsible for all food and non-food procurement activity. Zoe has also held the position of Senior Procurement Manager at Emirates Flight Catering, where she led the Non-Food Procurement team with 11 direct reports. During her time there, she successfully introduced a suite of contract templates, reduced transactional burden on business by contracting over 5,000 Spare Parts and Consumable items, and developed and introduced a transaction team to manage low value/low risk spend. Zoe is also a Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) member and holds a Diploma in Procurement & Supply from Crawley College.

Why should you follow Mahesh Ganeshan?

Mahesh’s has nearly a decade of experience in procurement industry and currently working in Al Futtaim Group as Procurement manager. As a specialist in strategic sourcing, he has the ability to identify the most cost-effective suppliers and negotiate favorable contracts for his clients. His expertise in spend analysis enables him to analyze procurement data and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Why should you follow Samer Al Madhoun?

Supply Chain PR academic with years of experience In Learning and in various supply chain management sectors, leading change in work place and influencing many through training & field coaching. Samer has helped Companies Build capacity for their Supply Chain Caliber by understanding the education gaps and finding proper solutions to bridge them.

Why should you follow Craig F S Laughlan?

A highly driven, flexible, innovative, skilled and transformational senior professional supply chain leader based in Dubai UAE. Professionally educated to Masters Level, with 20+ years of experience employing strategic commercial excellence, with a strong business acumen to meticulously execute and support the delivery of large-scale, complex strategic projects spanning substantial budgets and multiple stakeholders. Working 360° across departments (such as finance, insurance, legal, service and risk management) with expert collaboration, communication, presentation and relation-building skills, while maintaining the lead role in promulgating the value of the function within various sectors including F&B, restaurants, hospitality, construction, education, utilities, finance and ICT.

Why should you follow Karthick?

14 years of Experience into “Global IT Strategic Sourcing & Procurement” Professional managing spend of around $ 750mn IT Capex -Opex requirements. Karthick has successfully delivered large & complex projects and spearheaded vendor management in EMEA, US, UK, and APAC regions.

Why should you follow Malak Marai?

Experienced in Sourcing, Supplier Value Management, Supplier Performance Management, Malak is a leading procurement professional who has contributed in various initiatives thereby brining great valued. She delivered implementation of modules from upstream strategic sourcing tool to clients in MENA region. Has gathering requirements to consult client and design process as per procurement.

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