In the rapidly expanding galaxy of social media, LinkedIn shines brightly as the definitive networking constellation for professionals worldwide. Boasting over 900 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn’s mission is to weave a network that makes the world’s professionals more productive and prosperous. This prompts an interesting inquiry – are there notable leaders/influencers for procurement on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn serves as a rich repository for professionals to connect, network, and swap revolutionary ideas that could reshape the global procurement scene. Given that LinkedIn is buzzing with the creation of millions of articles, posts, and videos daily, it’s not surprising that this platform holds a lofty position among business professionals.

Over time, LinkedIn has evolved into an indispensable tool for networking, marketing over and above its recruitment-centric role. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook serve primarily as personal news feeds rather than professional job portals, despite persistent efforts from businesses and industries.

LinkedIn doubles up as a one-stop-shop that allows users to follow companies, stay informed about job vacancies, and present a public profile that recruiters can browse. More often than not, a LinkedIn profile prominently features in the search results when one looks up a job seeker’s name.

In essence, LinkedIn provides a convenient conduit for individuals and organizations to connect, fostering a culture steeped in sharing insights and promoting collective growth. Within this ecosystem, certain individuals and groups have distinguished themselves as reliable sources of expert advice on procurement-related topics. These esteemed individuals are collectively known as “LinkedIn leaders and influencers,” or more specifically in our context, “Procurement leaders & Influencers.” There are a few recruitment companies in middle East that specialize in Supply chain and procurement hiring specialized professionals.

So, what's the role of "Procurement leaders," and how does it benefit you?

On LinkedIn, Procurement Leaders predominantly comprise innovators, leaders, and thought leaders who ignite discussions about global business by sharing their expertise. Simply put, procurement leaders equip other professionals with an enhanced understanding of current trends impacting global markets.

As an active participant in this complex industry, you’re likely to rely on expert opinions when making crucial decisions. Whether you’re pondering over an innovative procurement strategy or seeking assistance in boosting visibility for yourself or your products, these virtuosos are your go-to resource in the business social sphere.

But how do you ascertain which Procurement leader and influencer to follow?

If you are part of a team eager to explore and execute ideas rooted in current market trends or new on LinkedIn, you need to zero in on pivotal leaders to reap maximum benefits. The leaders we endorse fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They are steadfast in creating original, knowledge-laden content that augments the capabilities of the procurement community.
  2. Over the years, they have consistently contributed to the procurement community through writings, speaking engagements, or training sessions.

Unveiling the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers worth Your Attention So, who makes it to this coveted list?

Here are some criteria to help identify well known procurement leaders and influencers:

  1. Consistent Contribution: Consistently sharing insights, knowledge, and thought leadership about procurement. Their regular participation in discussions, webinars, and conferences, and their consistent publishing of articles, blogs, and reports, demonstrate a deep commitment to the procurement community.
  2. Relevance and Quality of Content: Pertinent to the current procurement trends, challenges, and opportunities. Furthermore, the quality of content should be top-notch, offering actionable insights, comprehensive analysis, and practical solutions to the procurement community.
  3. Engagement with the Community: Actively engaging with the procurement community on LinkedIn, frequently responding to comments on their posts, participate in discussions, and contribute to other influencers’ posts. This level of engagement showcases their dedication to nurturing a vibrant procurement community.
  4. Professional Experience and Expertise: Possess significant professional experience and expertise in procurement and having proven track record of success in procurement roles, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge and insights in real-world situations.
  5. Innovation and Thought Leadership: Manifesting innovation and thought leadership in procurement. They should be at the forefront of new trends, technologies, and strategies in procurement, challenging the norms of traditional procurement practices.
  6. Credibility and Reputation: Possesses a strong reputation and credibility within the procurement community being recognized by their peers as a leading authority in procurement, with their insights and opinions widely respected and valued.
  7. Training and Education: Contributed to the training and education of the procurement community with regularly sharing of educational content, provide training sessions, or participate in educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of procurement professionals.

So, who makes the cut for the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers?

Here’s a curated list for our August-2023 Series that you might find insightful.

Why should you follow Anil George?


Having nearly three decades of experience in the field of Supply Chain, Integration and Corporate Real Estate Management, Anil has worked for Banking and Insurance Sector, Printing and Publishing, BPO and Armed Forces.

He has direct experience of managing at Middle and Senior Levels across 14 countries in South Asia and Middle East. Also managed integration of procurement function on two occasions emanating from merger of two large multinational Banks. A very innovative leader focusing on creating valuable demand management initiatives and process improvements.

Why should you follow Ghazala Ilyas?

Profile Link:

Senior procurement/ commercial professional with a strong track record of achievement in strategic sourcing, outsourcing, supplier management and transformation programs, across public and private sectors. Ghazala is an experienced practitioner implementing high profile leading projects which are all being delivered on time and under budget achieving substantial cost savings and creating sustainable and improved processes. A person who has been a great contributor to the field of procurement and supply chain with continuous efforts in driving change and increasing procurement maturity level.

Why should you follow Saeed Ahmed Al Mahri?

Profile Link:

Experienced Procurement & Supply Chain Professional; with a track record of working in the Oil & Energy industry, Saeed is a skilled Procurement, Contracts Management, Project Management, and Supply Chain professional who has led some very valuable large projects. A holder of Master of Science (MS) in Project Management from The British University in Dubai & Bsc from Gonzaga University, USA, he is a continuous learner and supports teams in upskilling too.

Why should you follow Dana Alkhouli?

Profile Link:

Procurement and Supply Chain Business leader with over 20 years of experience across the Food & Beverage and Pharma Industries. With a well-rounded career experience between Leading Supply chain operations and working across different roles within the Procurement function: MSO (market supply officer ) , COE ( category center of excellence ) and the Governance, Capability and supplier diversity and management part, Dana has proven strength in designing and implementing effective processes along with the capability to manage diverse team and stakeholders. Focused on agility, efficiency, cost optimization and productivity.

Why should you follow Adel Al Junaibi?

Profile Link:

Adel Al Junaibi is a skilled Director of Supply Chain Operations at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, with a strong background in procurement and supply chain management across various industries. He has been recognized for his efforts in streamlining procurement functions and automating services to improve efficiency. Adel possesses expertise in strategy, negotiation, project management, teamwork, change management, strategic planning, leadership development, logistics management, inventory management, facility management (FM), and contract management. He has also volunteered with prestigious organizations such as CIPS – The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, Personal Leadership and Success with Emeritus, and Sustainable Business Strategy with Harvard Business School. A very humble person, great negotiator and a person to learn from. A must follow.

Why should you follow R V Srinivas Rao?

Profile Link:

An impressive track record holder of consistent success and significant value addition to Supply Chain specially on Value Stream Management, Process Optimization & Automation, Contract management, Cost Compression & Value Enhancement, Commercial & Supply Strategy, IT integration, Project monitoring and control, Warehousing and Change Management.

Srinivas possesses over 20 years of strategic and operational experience within Aviation and Manufacturing Industries. Working knowledge with world-renowned companies like Dubai Aluminium, Emirates Airline, Dnata and currently working with Qatar Airways as Manager, Procurement & Logistics handling various portfolios within Procurement.

A regular speaker at supply chain events and a strong advocate for professional standards in procurement and supply management. Has mentored several UAE and Qatari Nationals and is also a founder member of CIPS Qatar branch now holding the position of Branch Chair.

Why should you follow Eshwar Padmanabhan?

Profile Link:

As part of Warehouse and Logistics, he is responsible for understanding the long-term strategic vision, leadership. He works with great amount of collaboration and establishes trade partners locally and globally for the smooth conduct of the business operations. Working with cross functional departments and understanding the needs to bring in operational efficiencies and tactical planning in order to establish more sustained business practices. Implementing the best global supply chain practices, strategies for warehousing, transportation, compliance, packaging, reverse logistics, optimization of supply chain network to develop the strategic supplier.

Support the community in the field of pre-procurement, Annual procurement plan, identify the gaps and improve on the SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) build a robust system to bring in efficiencies with the vendors and with the staff. Adherence to compliance internal and external. He has established strategic contracts with suppliers with defined SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Use the appropriate INCO (International Commercial) terms while imports/exports to ensure smooth conduct of business operations to meet the expectations of the customer timely. Negotiating and establishing contracts with freight forwarders, government organizations and private parties.

Why should you follow Aymen Elamin?

Profile Link:

A commercially astute procurement leader with extensive experience of eighteen (18) years within the Oil & Gas Industry. Holding a Master degree in Engineering (M.Sc. Eng) and a Chartered Fellow (FCIPS) Status by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).

Aymen manages business planning, strategy, and operations with a focus on contract development and administration. Direct the preparation and execution of tenders and contracts according to client policy and procedural requirements while ensuring proper supply of material as well as legal and commercial protection. Provide strategic advice and support during contractual bidding and administration processes. Supervising team members to ensure goal attainment, sound decision-making, proper budgeting, and problem resolution. A must follow and if you get an opportunity to meet him, there is definitely a lot to learn from him.

Why should you follow Raza?

Profile Link:

A meticulous, sincere and diligent professional, RAZA has over 20 years of experience in Procurement and Supply Chain Operations in multi industry fields including IT, Leisure & Hotels, Consulting, Communications & Marketing, Facilities Management, Residential & Commercial Development and Aerospace. A detail oriented professional RAZA has a number of achievements recorded in his career history through his key skills in SCM, Strategic Procurement, Spend management. Always ahead of time to deliver his projects and leads from the front. A special note many have experienced from him, is his intuitive thoughts making him prepared in advance for upcoming challenges.

Why should you follow Asma Alotaibi?

Profile Link:

Experienced in Procurement and Project Management with a demonstrated history of working in the chemicals industry and public services, Asma is highly Skilled in Planning, Negotiation, Risk Management, Communication, and Researcher. Certified Procurement professional, CIPS. Procurement Freelancer and Mental Health First Aider, Asma is also the Saudi Branch Vice Chair for CIPS.

Why should you follow Maytham Al-Khairulla?

Profile Link:

Maytham is a highly experienced senior leader in supply chain, procurement, and commercial operations in the MENA region. He is currently the VP of Procurement and Business Support at OSN in Dubai, UAE. With over 22 years of experience, Maytham has a proven track record of leading end-to-end sourcing functions to procure cost-effective products while ensuring significant cost savings. He is skilled in developing and supervising high-performance global teams to drive productivity and accomplish set performance targets. He holds a degree in Procurement Management from the New York Institute of Management and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Western University. Maytham is also certified in AML-CTF for anti-piracy professionals from Allied Compliance Consultants.

Why should you follow Mohamed Rekaby?

Profile Link:

Mohamed Rekaby is an experienced procurement and supply chain executive with over 20 years of experience in implementing successful sourcing strategies, supporting organizational technology, digital and robotic transformation. He is an expert in training and motivating highly galvanized teams to produce significant bottom-line results. His work experience covers managing the digital transformation journey program, strategic and complex procurement projects, controlling inventory, scheduling material and supply routes, project management, procurement and strategy development, procurement planning, strategic management, implementing structure, process, and governance policies, team management and development, developing and overseeing operating budgets, experience with sourcing suppliers and negotiating contracts including blanket agreements and bulk commodity pricing agreements in line of production planning. He is working as an IT sourcing and contracts lead at TAQA Group since April 2022.

Why should you follow Paromita Ghosh?

Profile Link:

Procurement and Supply-chain professional with 17 years of experience with renowned international and multinational companies using SAGE/SAP/JD Edwards Oracle ERP platforms and in the purchase of variety of product categories and services using various procurement methodologies across different industries. She is a CIPS volunteer for Northern Emirates Branch and continuously strives to bring valuable initiatives.

Why should you follow Kamran Butt?

Profile Link:

Certified A-player and a successful manager with broad-based experience in diverse industry verticals namely Investment Organization – Construction, Education, Retail; Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. To date, he has proved strategic, managerial and engineering oversight to deliver a wide range of Procurement and Supply Chain functions cost-effectively. With core competencies in organizational operations management, undertaking organizational restructuring, generating cost.

Why should you follow Dr. Liudmila Prozorova?

Profile Link:

Dr. Liudmila Prozorova is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Trainer and Advisor in Supply Chain, Project Management, Operational improvement and Sustainability.

Her practical blend of Engineering, Commercial and Management knowledge from luminary academic institutions and over 16 years’ experience in top industry organizations helps to develop practical solutions to achieve tangible results in companies’ operations.

Liudmila has begun her carrier as a Civil engineer building Complex industrial process plants for Oil and Gas, Energy and Construction Manufacturing Industry.

Passionate about Continuous Improvement she is an active member in various industry communities, active volunteer and constantly stays up to date with latest trends and industry developments.

She is certified Project Management Professional (PMP-PMI) and Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

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