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Procurement leaders in MENA to follow on LinkedIn

In the rapidly expanding galaxy of social media, LinkedIn shines brightly as the definitive networking constellation for professionals worldwide. Boasting over 900 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn’s mission is to weave a network that makes the world’s professionals more productive and prosperous. This prompts an interesting inquiry – are there notable leaders/ influencers for procurement on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn serves as a rich repository for professionals to connect, network, and swap revolutionary ideas that could reshape the global procurement scene. Given that LinkedIn is buzzing with the creation of millions of articles, posts, and videos daily, it’s not surprising that this platform holds a lofty position among business professionals. Over time, LinkedIn has evolved into an indispensable tool for networking, marketing over and above its recruitment-centric role. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook serve primarily as personal news feeds rather than professional job portals, despite persistent efforts from businesses and industries. LinkedIn doubles up as a one-stop-shop that allows users to follow companies, stay informed about job vacancies, and present a public profile that recruiters can browse. More often than not, a LinkedIn profile prominently features in the search results when one looks up a job seeker’s name. In essence, LinkedIn provides a convenient conduit for individuals and organizations to connect, fostering a culture steeped in sharing insights and promoting collective growth. Within this ecosystem, certain individuals and groups have distinguished themselves as reliable sources of expert advice on procurement-related topics. These esteemed individuals are collectively known as “LinkedIn leaders and influencers,” or more specifically in our context, “Procurement leaders & Influencers.”

So, what's the role of "Procurement leaders," and how does it benefit you?

On LinkedIn, Procurement Leaders predominantly comprise innovators, leaders, and thought leaders who ignite discussions about global business by sharing their expertise. Simply put, procurement leaders equip other professionals with an enhanced understanding of current trends impacting global markets.

As an active participant in this complex industry, you’re likely to rely on expert opinions when making crucial decisions. Whether you’re pondering over an innovative procurement strategy or seeking assistance in boosting visibility for yourself or your products, these virtuosos are your go-to resource in the business social sphere.

But how do you ascertain which Procurement leader and influencer to follow?

If you are part of a team eager to explore and execute ideas rooted in current market trends or new on LinkedIn, you need to zero in on pivotal leaders to reap maximum benefits. The leaders we endorse fulfill the following criteria:
  1. They are steadfast in creating original, knowledge-laden content that augments the capabilities of the procurement community.
  2. Over the years, they have consistently contributed to the procurement community through writings, speaking engagements, or training sessions.

Unveiling the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers worth Your Attention So, who makes it to this coveted list?

Here are some criteria to help identify well known procurement leaders and influencers:

  1. Consistent Contribution: Consistently sharing insights, knowledge, and thought leadership about procurement. Their regular participation in discussions, webinars, and conferences, and their consistent publishing of articles, blogs, and reports, demonstrate a deep commitment to the procurement community.
  2. Relevance and Quality of Content: Pertinent to the current procurement trends, challenges, and opportunities. Furthermore, the quality of content should be top-notch, offering actionable insights, comprehensive analysis, and practical solutions to the procurement community.
  3. Engagement with the Community: Actively engaging with the procurement community on LinkedIn, frequently responding to comments on their posts, participate in discussions, and contribute to other influencers’ posts. This level of engagement showcases their dedication to nurturing a vibrant procurement community.
  4. Professional Experience and Expertise: Possess significant professional experience and expertise in procurement and having proven track record of success in procurement roles, demonstrating their ability to apply their knowledge and insights in real-world situations.
  5. Innovation and Thought Leadership: Manifesting innovation and thought leadership in procurement. They should be at the forefront of new trends, technologies, and strategies in procurement, challenging the norms of traditional procurement practices.
  6. Credibility and Reputation: Possesses a strong reputation and credibility within the procurement community being recognized by their peers as a leading authority in procurement, with their insights and opinions widely respected and valued.
  7. Training and Education: Contributed to the training and education of the procurement community with regularly sharing of educational content, provide training sessions, or participate in educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of procurement professionals.

So, who makes the cut for the well-known Procurement leaders and Influencers?

Here’s a curated list that you might find insightful.

Why should you follow Mahmoud Salem?


Mahmoud is a passionate leader and trusted advisor in Transformation, Support Services, and Supply Chain, excels in translating strategy into innovative operations. His conscientious, hardworking nature and remarkable interpersonal skills make him a valuable resource for stakeholders. Committed to positive motivation and meeting all requirements, Mahmoud has successfully led various transformation initiatives.

As a Strategic Leader, he has spearheaded Support Services’ strategic vision, corporate transformation, digital transformation, and Human Capital initiatives. His multifaceted expertise and dedication to innovation have been instrumental in driving organizational growth and success, establishing him as an invaluable asset in the field.

Why should you follow Karima Ajhar?


Karima Ajhar, Chief Procurement & Value Officer at Bellevue Medical Center, Beirut, has over two decades of healthcare leadership experience marked by unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and efficiency in procurement, supply chain, and value management.

She holds a master’s in healthcare management from the American University of Beirut and certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Exercising Leadership from Harvard University. Affiliated with ACHE, AHVAP, and AHRMM, Karima’s contributions extend beyond operational excellence.

Her mission is to cultivate a transformative culture, emphasizing continuous development. Her dedication reflects a passion for self-development and a lifelong journey dedicated to achieving excellence and enhancing healthcare services, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Why should you follow Jorge Manuel Vicente?


A highly experienced Managing Director, based in Dubai, UAE, boasts around 20 years of international experience, with a remarkable 14 years in Banking and Financial Services. Proficient in Digital Transformation, Program Management & Governance, and Operating Model Transformation.

Holds an MSc in Computer Science and has completed an Advanced Program with a focus on Business Strategy from INSEAD. His leadership extends to spearheading expansion, go-to-market strategies, sales, delivery, digital transformation, program management, and governance. He excels in fostering strategic partnerships, expanding service lines, and managing regional finances, marketing, and HR, with a focus on financial services.

Jorge has a proven track record of managing multi-million-dollar deals in the Middle East, covering various domains such as digital and IT transformation, IT managed services, DevOps, automation, AI, business digital strategy, blockchain, innovation, payments products, operational efficiency, workforce and talent management, organizational change, and continuous improvement. His expertise further encompasses digital banking, sales, and business development in the financial services sector. Additionally, Jorge contributes to academia as an assistant professor, teaching courses related to enterprise information systems and personal portfolio development.

Why should you follow Navaid Khan ?


Navaid Khan brings an impressive 25 years of expertise to the realms of contract management, strategic procurement, supplier relationship management, category and spend management, logistics, dispute and claims management, ethics and compliance, risk management, internal audit, procurement optimization, and digital solutions (SAP, ERPs). He has a commendable track record in developing talent, procurement processes, and systems in leadership roles across diverse industries, including Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Steel, Chemicals, and Plastics.

In his role as a procurement leader, Navaid wields substantial influence over yearly spends of approximately US$300 Million. He’s renowned for his prowess in negotiation, analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and stands out as an excellent communicator and team manager.

Navaid holds a range of qualifications, including being a Chartered MCIPS, B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, CIPC, and CPPM, with a pursuit of LLM. Notably, his successful initiatives include the digitalization of procurement and legal functions at Saudi Chevron, introducing Contract Management and Contractor Info Systems, as well as enhancing procurement training, which led to significant staff learning opportunities and certifications.

Why should you follow Liliana Almeida?


With a career encompassing “End to End Finance and Procurement,” spanning from managing high-level local government mega projects to collaborating with blue-chip multinationals, Liliana is a multifaceted professional. Holding an MBA and speaking five languages, her 19-year journey reflects her commitment to excellence. Her exceptional ability to hit the ground running, strategize, and implement best practices shines, including the establishment of audit-proof processes where none existed. A hallmark of her career is the track record of achieving significant cost savings and exemplary budget management through state-of-the-art processes, emphasizing stakeholder-focused demand management.

She has demonstrated her leadership prowess within government and blue-chip multinational organizations, drawing from her extensive experience working with cross-functional stakeholders in complex settings.

Moreover, her achievements are recognized through accolades for the “Most Improved Purchasing Operation – Step Change,” the TDIC “leading from the front award” for the Oracle 12.1.3 Implementation, and the Google Certificate of Excellence in “Business Process Outsourcing Transition.”

Why should you follow Omair Iqbal?


In his role as a Global Strategic Sourcing professional, Omair Iqbal has spearheaded strategic procurement spend management and led key strategic sourcing initiatives during his career on a group level, overseeing regions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia.

His management expertise extends to overseeing Direct and In-Direct procurement categories at various positions, encompassing leadership, people management, reporting, communication, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Procurement transformations, Digital Procurement (Virtualization Tenders), Supplier Relationship, Logistics and transportation, and Human resource development.

Omair is well-versed in utilizing E-Sourcing Tools such as Synertrade, Market dojo, Pravalido, Bravo solutions, Oracle, and Ramco for conducting tenders, contract management, SRM, E-Auctions, procurement reporting, automation, and processing. His proficiency in this field extends to conducting workshops both internally and on platforms for E-tendering and E-auctions.

Why should you follow Jasmin Fernandes?


Jasmin Fernandes is an accomplished Senior Procurement professional with 16 years of diverse experience across the Hospitality, Education, Banking and Pharmaceuticals sectors, excels in driving procurement functions and supplier management operations. Proficient in business process automation, negotiation, supply chain management, spend analysis, and ERP databases, her expertise supports business needs. Thriving in multicultural settings, she fosters long-term strategic relationships with local and global suppliers while identifying commercial opportunities.

A proven leader, Jasmin guides teams to achieve targets, continually enhancing procurement procedures, vendor relationships, and meeting business requirements. Her track record includes successful project management from inception to completion. Additionally, her skill set encompasses conceptualizing strategic sourcing processes, implementing cost reduction metrics, and monitoring bottom-line performance indicators, ensuring a comprehensive approach to procurement excellence.

Why should you follow Hazem Saeed?


Hazem Saeed, a seasoned Senior Leader, possesses extensive expertise in Material Management, Planning, Facility Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain, as well as Direct Procurement in diverse sectors. He excels in devising robust procurement strategies for multi-country operations and is a skilled leader in managing culturally diverse teams.

With a keen understanding of accounting and business, Hazem adeptly works both independently and collaboratively. His exceptional analytical, design, and problem-solving skills, coupled with a proven track record in change management, reflect his commitment to maintaining high-quality standards, even under demanding time and workload constraints.

Hazem is also adept at rapidly acquiring new knowledge and leading digital transformation initiatives. Currently, he serves as Managing Director – Procurement Transformation at Prime Transformation Consulting, demonstrating his leadership prowess and strategic acumen.

Why should you follow Zakaria EL RHEZAOUI?


Zakaria EL RHEZAOUI is a procurement professional who has managed the acquisition of packaging materials and is an expert in cultivating healthy relationships with suppliers. His multifaceted role encompasses tasks such as supplier prospecting, bid oversight, preferred vendor selection, contract negotiation, and savings project development.

He excels in optimizing stock levels, reducing supplier lead times, and directing the Vertice+ project’s implementation in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Moreover, he plays a pivotal role in developing local suppliers for raw and packaging materials and enhances key performance indicators through auditing. Zakaria is instrumental in forging with suppliers, initiating cost-saving projects. Additionally, he has led regional procurement initiatives across the region and collaborates with Raw Material Buyers to improve various procurement aspects.

His competencies extend to Ariba system management, rate card development, contract negotiation, and cost-saving project implementation. Training and upskilling his procurement team further underscore his significant contributions earlier to Unilever procurement and supply chain excellence.

Why should you follow Mohammed Qaisar?


With 14 years of GCC experience, Mohammed Qaisar is a certified (MCIPS/PMP) procurement professional who has managed prestigious projects in the UAE and Qatar, totaling over AED 1 Billion in value. His portfolio includes diverse mega projects, such as a 73-floor residential tower in Downtown Dubai, infrastructure developments, and community development for Qatar Petroleum.

Mohammed excels in procurement and supply chain management, focusing on maximizing value for money and generating cost savings. He enhances and transforms procurement operations, conducts category management, develops long and short-term strategies, and manages supplier relationships effectively. He’s well-versed in local authorities’ requirements, FIDIC standards, and Incoterms for both local and international supply chain dealings.

Committed to continuous improvement, Mohammed conducts weekly training and workshops for procurement department staff to enhance their knowledge, skills, and decision-making capabilities, ultimately boosting their efficiency.

Why should you follow Zoya Ali Khan?


Zoya Ali Khan is a standout figure in the procurement field, leading Simfoni’s Spend Automation & Tail Spend Management programs. With over a decade of experience, she is renowned for her expertise in conceptualizing and executing performance enhancement projects across various sectors. Her illustrious career has spanned the UAE, Qatar, and Riyadh, where she has overseen significant projects and delivered cost-effective solutions. Zoya thrives on creative troubleshooting and consistently injects a passion for excellence into every challenge she takes on.

Known for her sunny disposition and inquisitive nature, Zoya embodies values such as respect, integrity, and unwavering discipline. Her dedication to excellence was recently recognized with the prestigious “Women in Supply Chain in 2022” award.

With experience across diverse industries, including Facilities Management, Healthcare, and more, she is a versatile procurement luminary who consistently exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional results.

Why should you follow Samer Abdul Raheem?


With over two decades of experience in the Middle East and Gulf region, this procurement and supply management professional has focused on aviation, demonstrating a consistent track record of leading and implementing successful procurement programs for both direct and indirect spending. Responsibilities have encompassed diverse areas, from developing new business opportunities and negotiating contractual terms to setting procurement and sourcing strategies and managing logistics for seamless supply distribution.

Notable achievements include significant cost savings through reducing maverick buying, streamlining procurement processes, enhancing the supply chain, and introducing automation to procurement cycles. The professional played a pivotal role in transforming the perception of the procurement department into a world-class operation within the airline industry.

This result-oriented leader excels in multicultural environments and brings a wealth of expertise in procurement and supply chain management.

Why should you follow Sanae Alaoui Abdellaoui ?


Sanae Alaoui Abdellaoui brings years of deep supply chain and procurement expertise to the table, aiming to achieve supply chain excellence and foster share of wallet growth through innovative solutions. As an MCIPS Certified professional, she excels in formulating effective procurement strategies that result in substantial cost savings for her organization.

Sanae has played a pivotal role in introducing a new operating model that prioritizes market insight, enhanced capabilities, streamlined processes, robust controls, and improved systems to drive innovation across the entire supply chain. Her track record is marked by achievements in innovation, digital transformation, process excellence, best practices, and significant cost savings.

Her core competencies encompass a wide array of areas, including strategy development, policy and process development, strategic planning, supply chain management, cost optimization, digital transformation, client/stakeholder engagement, project management, market intelligence, business process reengineering, performance management, procurement sustainability, data management, decision making, and leadership and people management.

Why should you follow Enayet Kabir?


Enayet Kabir, serving as the Director and Head of Procurement at Gulf Marketing Group in Dubai, UAE, possesses a wealth of experience leading procurement and sourcing functions across diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, retail, and the techonlogy. His remarkable track record is highlighted by the establishment of highly impactful procurement functions, contributing significant value to a company’s P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow.

In his present role, he plays a pivotal role in driving growth with remarkable speed and efficiency. Previously, as the Group Head of Procurement at Noon, Enayet Kabir spearheaded procurement and sourcing activities across MENA, covering a wide range of indirect categories. His responsibilities extended to supply chain, logistics, fulfillment operations, marketing, IT, technology, Capex, manpower, and insurance. Before his tenure at Gulf Marketing Group, he also served as the Deputy General Manager-Head of Indirect Procurement at Landmark Group.

Why should you follow Owaisul Shafi?


Owaisul Shafi, a seasoned Procurement and Contracts Professional in the UAE with 12 years of experience, embodies a dynamic and organized approach to a wide range of procurement operations across the GCC.

His expertise spans Supply Chain Management, Contract Management, Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, Tendering, Negotiation, Total Cost Ownership, Procurement Planning, and Logistics. He possesses comprehensive knowledge of various contractual aspects, including Goods, Services (Direct and Indirect), Retail, Fit Out, FM, MEP, and Raw Material procurement.

Owaisul is renowned for his adeptness in leading and motivating teams to attain organizational objectives. His qualifications encompass MCIPS membership, diplomas from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) in the UK, and a Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, India. Currently, he holds the position of Contracts Manager for Abu Dhabi Airports, where he continues to excel in his field.

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